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Attorney Duane Croft

Attorney Duane Croft has been practicing law in Norman, Oklahoma and surrounding cities and counties for over 10 years. His practice areas are primarily in Family Law (divorces, paternity, child custody, child support and juvenile deprived cases).

Duane grew up in the small town of Pitcairn, Pennsylvania, got a B.S. degree in Physics from the nearby University of Pittsburgh in 1979 and spent 20 years doing safety analysis and accident investigation at commercial nuclear power plants throughout the Midwest and Southern United States.

During that time, he helped big corporations make a little more money, which he is sure deep in his heart that they passed on to their shareholders. Duane grew tired of this, because he felt like he wasn’t making a difference. Then Duane had the opportunity to go to back to school at the Law School at the University of Oklahoma. Since that time, he's been practicing law which gives him the chance to actually help people.